At Seasky Shipping and Consulting Pvt Ltd. we believe our people are our greatest assets and with that philosophy in mind, the management has ensured that while structuring the company relatively flat there is room and scope to ensure our assets grow and feel nurtured to succeed. The fact that 50% of our assets have more than a decade of service with the company is a testament to that while we simultaneously support and encourage those that wish to move on, spread their wings and gain new experiences.

We're perfectionists and this is something our customers regularly notice as a differentiator when dealing with us.

Our board of directors encourages an environment teeming with a drive for innovation and continuous improvement. Our people know and use the 'open door' policy the board advocates with a sense of purpose. Regular town hall meetings and continuous rewards and recognition programs ensure those who perform are rewarded and their performance appreciated. We're different and we enjoy being different. It is part of the SSCPL experience

Capt. Arjun Nair - Managing Director

This Master Mariner is at the helm of this organization from inception till date, implementing rigorous quality processes and practices derived from the nuances of his 18 years at sea. He is the sensei of the establishment and works through active engagement and motivation. His passion and drive for efficiency is only topped by his need for perfection in what SSCPL provides to customers and stakeholders. A person who is always yearning to grow and learn. His love for the law saw Capt. Nair complete his Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law from the UK, in 2012 and has invested all of himself into forming a truly professional and ethical enterprise wherein the people who work with him echo the same ethos.

Mrs. Poonam Nair - Director Finance

This lady has a penchant for the world of numbers and is the gatekeeper within the organization. Along with her infections smile and free laugh, she too has been dedicated to ensuring the world of SSCPL functions with the acuity of that only comparing to the hedge funds of yester year (minus the hedge).